Basic Policies against
Anti-Social Forces

investors cloud, co., ltd. (the “Company”), as a socially responsible company, hereby sets forth the following basic policies against anti-social forces and establishes a system to realize these basic policies, in order to prevent any damage being caused by anti-social forces, including organized crime groups:
  1. (1) The Company will not engage in any transactions with anti-social forces;
  2. (2) The Company will not respond to any unreasonable demands from anti-social forces.
    Upon acknowledging the existence of any unreasonable demand from anti-social forces, the Company will take civil or criminal legal measures in relation thereto;
  3. (3) The Company will build a relationship in close alliance with related external agencies such as Tokuboren (an incorporated association for preventive measures against special types of violence) under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Police Department, lawyers, etc. in relation to the elimination of anti-social forces;
  4. (4) The Company will immediately take proper measures to dissolve the relevant transaction in the event of it being unexpectedly found out that there has been any transaction with anti-social forces;
  5. (5) The Company will not provide any funds to anti-social forces; and
  6. (6) The Company will ensure the safety of the employees responding to unreasonable demands from anti-social forces.